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outfit for yo girl piper (-:


outfit for yo girl piper (-:

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Okay, Josephine Open box time~ <3 What is one thing you love about your personality? What is one trait you love about your physical appearance? What is one thing you've wanted to do lately but have not done? (`0`)

My personality ? Uhm… I guess I like that I am reliable, I don´t speak behind peoples back and such. Apperance, I like my lashes, since they are naturally black and quite long….

Lately I´ve wanted to draw, but have not had the time, also read books for myself… all I read these days is grammar and japanese history ;V;”“”

Even though I am not on very much because I have got so much to do related to school, I still have an open ask box… you know, just in case you feel like… maybe…. ah, I am sorry for being a nuisance >.> just… I don´t even *sigh*